Anderson, Swanson, Erickson. Those are just three of the most common last Swedish last names in Winnebago County.

The most common last names in Winnebago County are the usual suspects. You know, Johnson and Smith. Then there's Anderson which, according to Behind The Name is the second most common Swedish surname.

Well, says the most common Swedish last name in Winnebago County is Anderson with nearly 1,300 people in the area with that last name.

The last name Anderson, "In Sweden you'd see it lengthened to Andersson due to the name literally being the words Anders and son."

Here are the 10 most common Swedish last names in Winnebago County.

  1. Anderson
  2. Nelson
  3. Peterson
  4. Carlson
  5. Larson
  6. Olson
  7. Wilson
  8. Swanson
  9. Gustafson
  10. Erickson