I love when somehow all my work is done and I sit with nothing to do but look through all the stuff in my phone. These are the 10 things I enjoy the most.


The 10 Things in My Phone That Bring Me the Most Joy

1. Pics of my daughter and I. This on especially because dads don't usually have much talent when it comes to styling girl's hair. I put together a class for Father's Day at Asha Salon Spa to teach us some skills.


2. The app Bitmoji has made me laugh on many occasions and I have my daughter to thank for making me download it. You get to create an emoji in your likeness and use them with 100s of different sayings in your messages.


3. I am a big Green Bay Packers fan so I can't live without their app.

YinzCam Inc. via App Store

4. Hosting a morning radio show is a blast but getting out of bed for it is the toughest thing ever. I can't help but laugh when I look at my iPhone's alarm schedule.

via Apple iPhone

5. That time I got to 'play' guitar with Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen


6. Nobody believes me when I tell them how big the titanium screw is inside my left foot, so I keep this X-ray in my photo album.


7. This would be the first time I've shared this publicly. A graphic artist friend of mine made this when she was bored at work one day and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.


8. Because I have several Facebook pages, this app makes it easy for me to manage all pages in one place.

Facebook Inc. via App Store

9. This picture of my sister and I . #TBT baby.


10. And of course the new 97ZOK mobile app. I'm so proud that we have this new way for you to connect with us. My favorite part of the app is how easy it is now for you to share your pictures and videos with us. If you haven't downloaded this free app yet, do it now, it could help you win $1000. Click here to download.