If you only learn one thing about Rockford people, you should know we are very passionate about our pizza.

The conversation started innocently enough, with AltCoinKid42 on Reddit saying "Capri is the best pizza in Rockford."

The Redditor followed up with "1a and 1b belong to Capri and Salamone's. Big facts."


Both of those pizza joints in Rockford and Cherry Valley are two of the best in town.

ZOKTV via YouTube

However, not everyone agreed. Commenters followed up by throwing their favorite Rockford pizza places into the mix to try and decide who makes the best slice.

Users called out Gerry's Pizza, Gulotta's, Giuseppe's, Lino's and Marie's as some of their favorites.

Baci's Kitchen-Breakfast,Lunch,Pizza,Pasta via Facebook

But one user, FlexibleToast, said something totally outrageous, "The pizza here in the midwest sucks. The dough is thin and floury, the sauce is too sugary and sweet, and the cheese slides off in one bite. Is there good pizza that doesn't follow this style?"

ZOKTV via YouTube

If you were to direct FlexibleToast to one place to try "Rockford pizza," where would it be? Tell us!

Top This! The Search For Rockford's Best Pizza

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