Does your man go to the doctor for yearly checkups? He should. Or YOU should if you are a man and reading this blogpost.

A lot of men tend to shy away from regular checkups, whether it be their primary care doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, etc. They tend to only go to the doctor AFTER they notice there is a problem. Often times this can mean catching a problem too late. Now I don't want to lump you all men together into one big group, But I kind of am. While I realize that some of you (or your men) may take it upon yourselves to schedule regular checkups, I also know that this is not the majority. If you do get regular checkups, that's great. But if you don't, then it's a really good thing you are reading this. If I can inspire even one of you to go and get your regular health checkups, then writing this was worth it.

Swedish American Hospital holds a 'No Shave November' challenge every year to raise awareness for men's cancer. When men who are usually pretty clean shaven start growing a beard, this can generate a conversation as to why. They then start talking about the reason they are doing it (insert men's cancer and the importance of getting regular health screenings). Several men participated in the event, generating lots of conversation. There were 3 winners of the event as voted by staff and the public. Today the winners were announced in the cafeteria at Swedish American, there was a fun little photo booth held where attendees could get their picture taken with several different fun props, and there were mustache cookies for everyone. Chief medical officer Dr. Born, one of the participants, also got his beard shaved off by a professional barber.

You can read this blog, forget about it, and go about your day to day obligations. OR you can read this blog and take something away from it. That being the importance of getting yourself or the beloved men in your life to the doctor. Whether it's your husband, dad, brother, boyfriend, son, uncle, or whoever. Send them a friendly little text asking them when their last visit to the doctor was, and if it's been awhile then encourage them to schedule that appointment asap. You could be saving their life.