When the Cubs won the National League Championship on Saturday, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder celebrated with the team.

There's tons of video of Vedder whoopin' and hollerin' with the rest of the Cubs in their locker room.

There was also a photo taken of Vedder on the field at Wrigley, presumably long after the crowd had filed out on Saturday night.

That's where it looks like Vedder might have had a cigarette. No telling if he was smoking inside Wrigley but the photo that was taken shows Vedder with an extinguished cigarette, and guess what? The internet is upset.


Not excusing Vedder's behavior, but come on. The guy is 51-years-old. If he wants to smoke, let him. I'm pretty sure Vedder isn't going to care whether or not Cub fans approve of him having a cigarette.


Unless Cubs fans are upset that Vedder was smoking inside Wrigley, when he knows full well that he would have been busted if an usher was around.

That's probably it, fans are mad at Vedder's rock star treatment. I know I was jealous watching him party with the Cubs. I'd love to have a chance to celebrate with my favorite team.