There you are, laying in bed contemplating calling in sick. You start doing the math in your head, do you have enough sick time? Then you start weighing the pros and cons of calling in. Who will take your calls? What unqualified person will be in charge or replying to your emails? Is it worth it to fake being sick just so you can keep watching The Walking Dead on Netflix all day?

We've all been there. It's a Monday after a long holiday weekend and it came faster than the struggle bus that's heading straight for you. You want to call in but deep down you know that it's going to be so obvious that you're faking it.

There's an art to being able to pull off calling in fake sick and according to the Daily Mirror, there's a perfect day and time to do it.

Market research shows that the best time to call in is on Tuesdays at approximately 6:38 a.m.  Experts say Tuesdays are best because Mondays and Fridays are too close to the weekend so it's too suspicious, Wednesdays tend to be when employees start feeling tired and Thursdays are safe, but Tuesdays are still your best bet.

So what excuse can you give? Laziness won't work and neither will a hangover. It's best to tell your boss you have stomach problems and don't divulge any details; your boss is more than likely to think that what happens in your bathroom stays in the bathroom.

With that said, can you hang in for today and wait until tomorrow to finish season 6 of The Walking Dead?