There's more than just baby Simba turning into a ruler in 'The Lion King,' how well do you know this Disney classic?

I'm not going to lie. 'The Lion King' is not my favorite Disney movie. I don't know if it's because I'm scared of cats, or because of the world's saddest movie scene ever, but it just doesn't rank in my top 5.

I can't even watch that scene with both of my eyes open. Damn you, Scar. You're the worst.

Regardless of my feelings for the movie, it's still a great one and I know plenty of my best friends who love it. I'm sure they're very excited about the new version of 'The Lion King' which should be coming soon according to Disney and Jon Favreau.

Will there be people in this movie? Will it be filled with real life lions? We'll have to wait and see, but while we do, here are three 'Lion King' facts. One is not true, vote for the lie to see if you're correct.