Flying from Chicago to L.A. just got a lot better.

When I was little, food was still included with your flight ticket. It's hard to even remember that, isn't it?

Flights have changed quite a bit since then, but within the last few years many Airlines have offered warm food choices to buy while you're in the air.

When I lived in L.A., I would order the exact same salad every time I flew, because everything else sounded gross.

I kind of wish I was still flying all the time because the addition of deep dish pizza to United flights that last over 3 and a half hours is making my mouth water.

Starting July 1, United's in-flight food menu will include personal sized spinach and garlic deep dish pizza from Uno's.

I bet it's delicious, however garlic on flights makes me nervous... if you're flying United after July, expect to leave your flight smelling like my grandma's house around Christmas.

[H/T Chicago Tribune]

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