Well, it looks like I may have eaten goat meat and dressed up like a Ghostbuster for nothing. Ok, maybe it wasn't all for nothing, I mean, the Cubs did win the World Series so maybe it helped a little bit; but nothing anyone could've done to break the curse of the billy goat would've been more effective than Kris Bryant's approach.

According to CBS Chicago, while Bryant was in the minors he spent time at a farm bonding with a goat. He walked with it, fed it and even talked to it (I wish I had this goat's name, I feel real awkward referring to it as "it") about baseball.

Red Bull goes on to say that when Bryant got the call up from the minor leagues to play for the Cubs, he jumped on a bus and took the goat with him.

Now that is #relationshipgoals.

But there's more to the story.

It looks like the Cubs made a great call in bringing him...and the goat up from the farm.

See more of Kris and the goat here.

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