Like Halloween, one of my favorite things about the holidays are all the Christmas movies and holiday movie marathons. Hallmark, Freeform, AMC and several other cable networks have already put together their "nice list" of family friendly Christmas classics and the time with family in front of the TV with a cup of hot cocoa has begun.

For those adults who are looking for something with a little more levity and something to enjoy after the kids go to bed, there's the not so family friendly films like Die Hard, The Gremlins (this movie terrified me as a child) and...Bad Santa; which just happens to be releasing a sequel this Tuesday, November 23rd.

Before any of us go see it in the theater, it might do some good to watch the original, you know, just as a refresher.

That got me to thinking; what if the first Bad Santa was filmed in Rockford?  I know, who asks themselves that, right? I do.

Based on the original film, here are 7 Rockford set locations if Christmas' raunchiest movie was filmed in the Forest City.

I wanted to put together some clips from the movie for you but some were just too graphic; here's what I could share. Warning: Some clips are not safe for work or small children.