When you look at a typical map, what do you see? Streets, rivers, lakes, highways and of course, borders.

Let's take it a step further, how about a map that had things inside those borders; more than just the county or city name? Are you confused yet? It's because I haven't provided you with a legend or a key.

Our sister station, 99.9 The Point in Fort Collins, Colorado, found a Judgmental Map of Northern Colorado and I was intrigued. Would they have a map of Northern Illinois or Rockford?

Unfortunately, they didn't have either but, I got pretty close. Judgmental Maps has maps of Janesville, Wisconsin and Chicago; take a look.

Judgmental Maps
Judgmental Maps

Are these pretty accurate?

What do you suppose a map of Rockford would look like? I haven't lived here long enough to make any judgments so my assessments would be inaccurate...and overall inappropriate.