Shake Shack is quickly becoming one of the trendiest franchises in the U.S. but will one ever make it's way to Rockford?

The news on Shake Shack is all good. A quick Google news search reveals three news stories extolling the virtues of having a Shake Shack in town.

First is a story talking about how Shake Shack is quickly becoming Starbucks-like. Another is talking about why their stock jumped 15% in November and the final mentions how a Shake Shack now open in Penn Station will "save you from commuter hell."

Andrew Burton, Getty Images

All three of those sound like excellent reasons to open a location in Rockford. We like Starbucks, we love to see things do well and we also like good food.

Here's some more evidence, a new location is set to open in Wrigleyville in 2019. After that restaurant opens up, there will be three in Chicago, four if you count the spot nearest Rockford in Skokie.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

However, that's a bit too far to drive. If you're a potential Shake Shack franchisee you should look at the Portillo's parking lot any given day. It's packed. So packed, when Portillo's opened in Rockford it set records.

Just a guess but a Shake Shack opening in Rockford could have the same effect.


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