It was a pretty big deal that Andre Dawson was at the Cubs game last night, but can someone tell me who the hot guy next to him was?

I love the Cubs, I'm beyond excited that they're STILL playing in the World Series, and I love seeing the celebrities at the game cheering them on.

Last night, former Cubs player, Andre Dawson was in the crowd and he was killing it on social media.

Twitter was filled with photo after photo of Andre, probably because of his weird hood and his stoic face, but I was more interested in the guy next to Andre.

Who is he?

So the thing is there was Andre Dawson, then the hot guy, then country singer Brett Eldredge, then Vince Vaughn, so maybe this guy is famous?

He appeared both next to Andre is all the trending photos, then he is seen on the left of this GIF of Brett and Vince clapping.

Does anyone recognize the hot guy? Does he maybe live in Rockford and he's single and 30ish? Let him know we (and by we... I mean me) are looking for him!