There's a reason I travel alone when I go back to Minnesota to visit my family and friends- my boyfriend can't stand being in the car with me for the five hours it takes to get there. You see, I have a really bad habit when I'm traveling across statelines in a motor vehicle; I like to hit the seek button for 5 hours until I find the perfect song to sing along to. If a commercial comes on, I hit the seek button, if I land on a song I don't like, seek; it drives people nuts. But, that's how I keep myself entertained on long road trips.

My friend, Mandy, who just happens to be a musician, has a different approach to long road trips and I think we should all try this one the next time we're traveling with our significant others.

Mandy told me that her and her boyfriend do goofy stuff like this all the time. She says, "Spending a lot of time in the car, there is a lot of randomness & good laughs. On this day, I was with Drummers Graham Bintliff & Bob Lindsley. The random conversation turned into, "Who Is Yhis? Have You Ever Heard This Ever In Your Life? Throwback Pop Quiz 80's 90's Edition". Shenanigans... Baaahahahaaaa."