When I was growing up, we sat at the dinner table and ate what was served...or we sat there...and sat there...and...

There was no way around what was prepared for dinner. If you didn't like it, tough crap. Swallow it down and grab a snack later, but eat the food. This Illinois kid took his dislike for dinner to the next level, and called 911. SG

When the kid called, he hung up so the 911 operator called back. The father explained:

"I told him to call 911. He’s misbehaving in front of me and I told him, Call them, let them come over here and see who’s right." Stefan Cristoltean

Ummm, not the greatest parental advise there. The parents continued the conversation, trying to prove his point to the 911 operator:

“He thinks that is just a joke this 911. I’m telling him that is not a joke and we have to impose some rules in the house and the have to follow the rules.” Stefan Cristoltean

All over what dad cooked for dinner that the kid didn't like. O.K., first off dad...NOT what 911 is for. This was NOT an emergency, so shame on dumb ass dad. Doing the whole "I'll call the cops if there's a problem" and then PRETENDING, might be a better idea? But to actually tell the kid go ahead and call 911 if you don't like dinner...and then discussing things with the 911 operator like he/she is your pal, what the heck man.

The Buffalo Grove Police Department did in fact make a house call. The officer talked to kid and dad about the proper reasons to dial 911. "Yes, we are a full service police department," but not like this people...

By the way the kid told the officer that the food was in fact "edible," but he didn't care for it and wanted something else to eat. SMH.

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