These are the four Prince songs that had the biggest impact on me, and always will. We all have our favorites, these are mine.

CBS's 60 Minutes gave us our first preview of an unreleased Prince album that will finally be getting released, more than ten years since it was recorded.

It's been five years since Prince's very untimely death. It's been eleven years since the Welcome 2 America album was recorded. For whatever reason, Prince recorded this album right before the 2010 Welcome 2 America tour and then shoved the entire album in the vault

"Prince wrote and recorded the album before embarking on his 2010 Welcome 2 America tour, but he didn't perform songs from it. He never said why", Prince's longtime keyboardist, Morris Hayes, told 60 Minutes correspondent Jon Wertheim.

I'll always enter a conversation about favorite Prince songs. When we talk, these would be the 4 'Best' Prince Songs of All Time. And by 'best', I mean in my opinion. I'd love to know which songs are your favorites.



The first Prince song I ever heard. My friend 'Gooch' had the album, 1999, on cassette and when she pushed play, my whole life changed. I'd never heard anything like it on the radio before. Once I bought the full album I soon discovered that there would never would be.



As a nightclub DJ since the mid-80s, I don't believe there's a song I played more often than this very sexual dance floor anthem from 1984



Songs make great 'page markers' for memories, and this is a big one for me. I moved to Minneapolis, Prince's hometown, just a few months before this song and album of the same name were released. There was no bigger artist on the planet and his city was all about him.



I always hoped that one day I would meet the person that gives this incredible love song meaning. It took 34 years, but once I met her, I married her.

Here's a bonus video from the 60 Minutes feature on Prince and the work done on the Welcome 2 America album to be released in July 2021.

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