We scroll through social media liking things all the time, but does it usually mean much? Not until we scrolled upon the Taquito Cannoli.

Once upon a time... last week... 7-Eleven posted this photo on Instagram. Probably just looking for likes and reminding people that they sell both Oreos and taquitos.

But this dessert isn't a real thing.

Yet... Oreo commented on this post saying, '711 billion likes and it’s a deal.'

I don't know how to count that high, or if that's even possible based on how many Instagram users there are but what a fun idea!

That if this post gets enough likes, Oreo and 7-Eleven might create this awesome dessert.

While I love the proposition that Oreo gave the convenience store, it is quite a number. I mean maybe they can change it to 711,000? or Even 7,110? That seems more doable.

The dessert doesn't seem like an extreme stretch for either company, so they might as well try it out - right?

I would buy one ASAP!

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