Some will tell you that buying flowers for Valentine's Day is cliche. I say try NOT buying your girl some and see what happens. Here's how to save some money.

Giving flowers and having them delivered on Valentine's Day is a pricey gift. It needs to be done, but it'll likely set you back $80-$100, and that's just on the flowers. I found a much-less expensive way to handle the purchase and the delivery.

This hack is even better if you've now waited to the last minute. You'll be able to have them delivered the same day and as fast as in about an hour. Who's behind this Valentine's Day Flower Hack, you ask?

Instacart, baby.

The grocery delivery service platform, Instacart, has the Valentine’s-Day-winning hack. Send her a bouquet, in as fast as an hour, and anywhere in the country.

You should know that Instacart works with darn near every retailer. ALDI, Costco, Schnuck's, Woodman's, Jewel-Osco, just to name a few. Instacart works with over 500 national and local retailers. Many grocery stores today have floral choices that rival the high-end shops, plus you can add things like some sweet treats or even some wine or champagne. And still, Instacart can get it anywhere in the U.S. and in as fast as an hour.

Now get to ordering. Just log onto your Instacart account, enter your recipient’s address, choose a store in their area, and purchase flowers and treats to be delivered to them that same day, or schedule for a later date. My wife, who's having fun picking up a little extra cash as an Instacart shopper, said not to forget to write your shopper a note to let your Valentine know the special delivery is from you.

Here's all the places you can order from in Rockford, using Instacart.


[H/T Instacart]

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