The Beyhive watched in horror as Beyonce got stuck on a floating stage in concert Saturday night (June 30) — but, rest assured, Bey managed to gently flutter down...after some complication.

Fans captured video of Bey getting trapped on the platform during a show in Warsaw at the latest stop along her On the Run II Tour. Escape options initially seemed limited, but a crew eventually set up a ladder to help escort Bey to the ground. In the video below, the singer's clearly a little bit reticent to make the descent, but eventually — and while dressed in a leotard and stiletto boots — Bey manages to get down with the grace of a queen.

And then, the crowd cheers.

Fans certainly had some opinions on the events.

"Poland has a long history of people doing things in an unconventional manner in order to succeed. Tonight @Beyonce joins them by taking an emergency ladder to leave the stage," one wrote, while another jokingly observed: "The floating stage construction people are getting fired so soon."

Bey and Jay-Z will hit Cologne, Germany next on July 3 before winding through Italy, Spain and France. Then, on July 25, they'll begin the show series' North American leg with a performance in Cleveland.


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