I love when mugshots have the criminal looking "tough." Chin up, smug grin and that gangsta thing...Not this fella!

Three babies (6-9 months) sitting on white background, one crying
Siri Stafford

Carranza-Ocampo of Melrose Park, Illinois was busted with drugs...Not like a bag of weed. This cat had $300k in heroin and fentanyl on him! I'm guessing he was wearing oversized cargo pants, that's a lot to be holding...I'm kidding. All of this stuff was located in the bed of his Ford F-150 pickup truck.


This was an ongoing investigation out in New Jersey, that had been tailing dude for quite a while and busted him in a parking lot.

I am always interested in the amount of cash that these guys have on them. If you get busted with $300k in drugs, you must have a wad of hundreds on you...right? Nah, man...he had $400. Lame.

Daniel Rice via YouTube
Daniel Rice via YouTube

After the shake down the drugs added up as follows, fentanyl is approximately $100,000 and the heroin is approximately $200,000. Damn man, that's a lot in your F-150!

This was a huge follow and bust, the Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Homeland Security Investigations and the FBI were all in on this fella. Dang, no wonder you were crying. Yes, indeed...Carranza-Ocampo of Melrose Park, Illinois was bawling like a baby in his mugshot...Check it out HERE.

Dude is being held on a variety of charges including:

  • First- and second-degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance.
  • Intent to distribute
  • Owning a Ford F-150 with heroin in it
  • Crying in a mugshot
  • Ordering French Cries


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