UPDATE: We have received numerous reports that the baby seen laying on the ground in the video was a doll belonging to Echols. An anonymous tip confirmed that the doll was found to have $300 worth of merchandise. Echols was taken to the hospital to be evaluated by doctors as she is 8 months pregnant, and will subsequently be charged upon her release from the hospital. 

It's safe to say, Coronavirus has everyone a little bit on edge. Two were arrested in the first fight over supplies to combat the virus.

Last night, at the West Kimberly Walmart in Davenport, police were called to the scene to tend to a group fighting at the checkout area. Luckily for us, Midwest Legends was there on the scene.

The video begins with three women arguing loudly, but it's unclear what they were arguing about but allegedly it was over hand sanitizer. After a minute-and-a-half, the verbal fight turns to a physical one, with two of the women attacking the third woman in a white coat, with her holding her own.

The three women were identified in the description:

  • Antwonette Echols (in the white coat), and daughter of boxer Antwon Echols
  • Cia-Cione Gatlin
  • Teauna Lewis

As the fight came to a point where Gatlin and Lewis had Echols pinned to the ground, a bystanding woman came in to get involved, to get the women off of Echols.

Gatlin and Lewis were taken to jail for Disorderly Conduct

Scott County Sheriff's Department
Scott County Sheriff's Department

Special thanks to our friends at Midwest Legends for hooking us up with the vid.

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