A semi-trailer is on its side this morning and I happened to drive by it moments after the accident occurred.

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Just cruising home on Meridian Road in Rockford, I noticed a police presence at the entrance to US Highway 20 heading eastbound toward I-90.

Slowly driving past the flashing lights I happened to see the mess so I pulled over and snapped a pic.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic

It's not very often you happen upon these kinds of accidents. There were only cops on the scene as there were no medical personnel on hand.

No word on any injuries suffered by the driver but the lack of an ambulance leads me to believe the driver might just be shaken up, at least that's what I'm hoping.

Lenny Pic
Lenny Pic

The semi-truck, on the other hand, is not in great shape. It appeared to be one of those open-top trailers too so when that thing went on its side all of the contents spilled out.

Here are five possible reasons why this accident occurred:

1. Speeding

2. Overloading

3. Improper Loading

4. Tire Blowouts

5. Wind

Crashed cement or concrete truck on its side on a roadway.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Any and/or all of these things could be the reason for this trailer crashing this morning either way, It looks like there's going to be a heck of a clean-up in store,

If I receive any updates on the accident I will be sure to pass them on to you.

Getty Images/Lenny Pics
Getty Images/Lenny Pics

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