15 Things Rockford Kids Would Buy if They Won $10,000
Did you know you have the chance to win $10,000 on 97ZOK?
Isn't that awesome? You get 10 codewords a day starting at 8:00 AM and you have the chance to win $10,000. You can find all those details on how to win right HERE.
So to get you in a winning mood, let's do some dreaming about what you…
Teacher of The Week Lovingly Took Student Under His Wing
There are SO many people within a school building that help make the school days run smoothly and successfully. From the front office, to the building and grounds team, every single person in a school is an essential part to the students' lives...
20 Local Rockford Businesses to Shop at if You Win $10,000
Did you know you have the chance to win $10,000 on 97ZOK?
Here's the details on how you can win:

Download the FREE 97ZOK app to your Apple or Android device
With the app you can listen live anytime, anywhere
When you hear a codeword while listening live, you can enter the word right there on the app as …
Teacher of The Week Genuinely Loves Celebrating Student's Success
There's nothing better than being excited to go to work every day because you just love what you do.
That is most definitely the case for our brand new teacher of the week. She makes the classroom such a great experience one of her students came home one day and asked to write a nomination lette…
Teacher of The Week AKA Grandma Peggy Makes Grandkids a Priority
Teacher of The Week looks very different in 2021. The pandemic has changed the type of nomination letters we get for Teacher of The Week. This school year is filled with a whole bunch of humans who never thought they'd be a teacher. From grandparents, to siblings, a lot of family members a…
Teacher of The Week is a Bright Light in Her Students' Lives
There's nothing better than knowing that when your kid goes off to school, they love their teacher and are having fun. Our brand new Teacher of The Week makes sure that her kids are taken care of and that they thrive in her classroom.
Congratulations to our new Teacher of The Week Amanda Mi…
VIDEO: Rockford’s The Office Nightclub Granted Funds by Barstool
2020 was a terrible year for the service industry. Life changed as we know it when it comes to bars and restaurants.
Locally, so many places have been affected, and even had to close their doors due to the pandemic. The Office Nightclub suffered greatly when the pandemic hit in 2020...

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