The CherryVale Mall announced a new youth policy this morning.

According to WREX, "starting Friday, March 17, anyone under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian 21-years-old or older to enter the mall on Friday and Saturday evenings after 4 p.m."

The long and short of the policy means, no kids during those hours without parental supervision, "but (the policy) can also be implemented at any other time at the discretion of management" says

Kimera Saxton described the policy as a "great idea! " Saxton goes on to say on Facebook "Too Many kids are left unsupervised and are only at the mall to cause trouble and the parents just drop them off. So they don't have to actually be the parent there child needs! Kudos CherryVale!"

While others, think the new policy is "ridiculous." Chris Kolk on Facebook says "16-17 year olds are able to drive and have jobs but can't go out to shop and put some money back into the economy. The mall has been struggling the entire last year and into this year and their solution? Let's ban some of our shoppers.... lol"

What do you think? Tell us!


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