You'll have to give me a moment here so I can get my act together because I'm literally speechless after watching David Ross' performance on Dancing with the Stars tonight. (Monday, April 3rd)

The very first week of the competition Ross already looked like a skilled pro and each week, as expected, he just keeps getting better and better. Not just the dancing, but the theme and song choice are on fleek. I hear that's what the kids are saying these days.

Do I really need to say more; because I can't even. Well except for, what do you think he'll be doing next, because WGN gave us a little spoiler and said he will be dancing next week.

Now, go watch it again because you know you're a little upset about the Cubs losing to the Cardinals today and this will surely make your "opening day" much better.

P.S. I bet you'll never listen to "Candy Shop" without thinking about David Ross in the future.



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