Behold, opening day is almost here for the new Disco Chicken in downtown Rockford.

We've dreamed, we've hoped and we've prayed and now it's finally happening. Disco Chicken is really truly opening this month in the old Taco Betty's building in downtown Rockford, Illinois.

Ok, fine, maybe you weren't praying every night for this, but I bet every time you drove downtown in the last few months you thought to yourself, 'I really hope that rooftop opens this summer.'

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Yes we are excited for the restaurant, the chicken, the ice cream (Bad Humor is setting up shop in the building, too!), but the biggest, best part about a new restaurant calling that space home is the return of the rooftop.

It was and remains the perfect height to actually see what's happening on State Street, with a cocktail in one hand and now a chicken sandwich in the other.

The big night is Friday, July 26!

That's when we can say for sure, for sure, Disco Chicken will be open, rooftop and all!

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Now, there is also a chance you'll be able to stop by for lunch or dinner before the big house music party.

Disco Chicken's owner, Paul, also posted on Facebook that there will be soft openings starting next week, July 15!

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So... if you're driving down State Street anytime on the 15th or later, don't just drive by, park and get out and report back to me if you get a peek inside the new spot!

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