You may know Briana Collins for the time she spent anchoring the news in Rockford, but now the country knows her as an anchor featured on the Today Show for wearing her braids on air.

Briana Collins is a news anchor at Fox 55/27 in Springfield, but before she moved there, she was a part of the WIFR team here in Rockford.

Now she's trending all over social media after she posted these photos, showing off her braids while she was anchoring the news recently.


Her photos were shared and liked so much that she landed on the Today Show.

Briana told Today:

I was a little nervous because I know straight hair is the industry standard and you always take a risk when you do something different or against the grain or against the norm,” she said. “So I was a little nervous at first but … after the first two newscasts I felt really confident.

“I felt really good and they were well received and it just felt really nice, to be able to do that,” she said. “To be my authentic self and wear my hair how I want.

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