One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is jump on the back of my boyfriend's motorcycle and hit the road with no destination in mind; stopping in every quaint town for drinks, a bite to eat and window shopping. Sure, visiting Chicago, Milwaukee or Madison can be fun but there's something so unique about small town living. Unique enough for you to almost think about moving there.

Has that ever happened to you? Think about a time that you've taken yourself out of Rockford for a day, even if it was just 90 minutes away; how many times have you said, "wow, I wouldn't mind living here;" or "I don't ever want to go home?"

You might find yourself saying that when you visit what Purewow has called the cutest town in Illinois, Long Grove. According to the town's website, Long Grove is a must see destination.

As Illinois first historic district, Long Grove’s charm is distinctively real. Visitors love our relaxed pace and interesting mix of local shops, restaurants, art, and entertainment. Famous for our annual festivals and lush green spaces, Long Grove was recently named one of Chicago’s Best Public Spaces by the Metropolitan Planning Council.

And it's less than 90 minutes from Rockford. I've already started planning my trip there; just take a look at some of these photos.

Road trip anyone?