One of the many things we've learned from the "MeToo" movement is that for a lot of people, the chain of command or protocol for reporting sexual harassment, left them confused and not sure who to talk to. For someone who has to work in that type of environment, the effects on them can be very damaging.

Not that ignorance is an excuse, but there are those gray areas that can cross the line. Someone from an older generation might say something that was widely excepted many years ago but is considered taboo today. That doesn't mean the younger generation doesn't have their fair share of incidents either. Often times it's just being aware of something and mindful of the effects.

I also don't want to diminish from those who work in an unhealthy environment where sexual harassment is constant. Obviously those situations are terrible and should be reported and the employee should be taken care of as they seek retribution for having to endure such a workplace. Hopefully the new law will address both of these.

A new workplace training law will require ALL employees to participate in The Workplace Transparency Act according to WIFR. The goal of the program is to help understand what sexual harassment is and what the employees right are. Employees will have until December 31st to complete the training.

Sometimes a little refresher is never a bad thing. It brings to light practices people may not have realized were considered harassment. If it makes people feel more safe and comfortable in their working environment, then I'm glad this is mandatory.

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