The bedtime routine at home abruptly changed this week after an image from a Northern Illinois fire department popped up in my news feed.

It was was eye-opening enough for others to do the same, I'm sure.

If you're ahead of the game on this seemingly unimportant step in bedtime preparedness you may consider making this a part of your family's routine.

Credit: Andrey Popov
Credit: Andrey Popov

The Win - Bur - Sew Fire Protection District shared a comparison image and it is frightening. It's such a "duh" note yet for years this is not done in many homes. Not even second-guessing a door being closed could be a life or death situation, literally


There are a few good reasons to keep your bedroom door closed. For me, it's as to not allow my cat to attack my feet. For some, it's privacy. Whatever your reason is for closing your bedroom door at night, the number is for safety.

Smoke detector in the smoke of a fire

Did you know the difference between your bedroom door being closed during a house fire versus being open is about 1,000 degrees? This is not an exaggeration. This is ultimately the top priority when getting ready to sleep in a bedroom.

Having your door closed during a fire could maintain room temperatures under 100 degrees Fahrenheit while rooms with opened doors could reach temperatures as high as 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit!

Last week was fire prevention week and had it not been for the photo below I would have continued on allowing my children to sleep with their door open. Now, there's a new bedtime motto in my home.

Close before you doze.

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