Don't let summer pass without taking on 'the boomerang,' at the largest waterpark in Illinois. 

June is almost over which means it's time to make sure the rest of your summer is filled with summer fun.

An obvious choice for summer fun is a waterpark!

You might think you have to go to Wisconsin to enjoy the best water slides in the county, but Illinois has some pretty good ones, too, at Raging Waves Waterpark in Yorkville.

Illinois' Largest Waterpark

Raging Waves is the largest outdoor waterpark in Illinois, with ten different slides and a ton of areas for the entire family, including the little ones in your life.

Of if you're like me and you're sort of afraid of the big slides, you'll hang with those little ones at Quokka-nut Island.

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But if you're ready to take on the massive slides, let me suggest three of the best.

The Boomerang


You have to start with the boomerang. Not only is it the coolest looking ride, but it's one of the best ones to enjoy with your entire crew.

You grab a raft and three of your besties and get in line. When it's your turn, you head to a chute and then boom, you're dropped into the giant boomerang, which your more fearful friends (me included) can watch from the observation deck.

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Wild Wallabies


If you stop by Raging Waves with one bestie, you'll want to make sure to hit up the Wild Wallabies ride. It's the perfect place to race your friend down a body slide to see who is the quickest of the bunch

Aussie Mat Dash


And if you have six people in your waterpark crew, don't miss the Aussie Mat Dash! All six of you can race at once down the newest slide at Raging Waves. Honestly I want to get up the nerve to go on this one sometime, it looks like a video game in real life!

Raging Waves Waterpark is located at 4000 N Bridge St in Yorkville, IL and you can visit any day this summer between 11am and 5pm.


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