Dash cams can capture some of the weirdest stuff, and if there's an animal heading your direction things can get ugly really quick. This "dash cam/animal" video is by far the strangest and scariest one I've ever seen.

Joshua Hawkins of Peoria, IL was cruising down the road when his dash cam caught something pretty bizarre coming in from the left...a possum. No, this wasn't a possum trying to quickly get across the road, it was a flying possum...sorta.

A hawk was flying in from the right hand side, carrying a dead possum in its talons. That's right, there was a possum "flying through the air" towards this dude's car! Just when you think you've seen everything while driving.  This video is required viewing, like 15-20 times, trust me.

When you watch this video, it happens fast so you might need to rewind back and check it out a few different times and pause it a few times. How and why the hawk drops the possum ON HIS CAR, who knows? Maybe it just got too heavy at one point? Maybe the hawk had it out for Joshua? Anyway, check this out:

The facial expression on the possum is crazy, huh? Super scary looking coming right at you...If I was driving, that would have gave me nightmares for weeks. It's almost like you can hear the possum screaming when you look at it's face. O.K., I'll stop...

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