In an adorable new video filmed amid his solo album promo, BTS' Jimin teased Stray Kids' Felix after finding out that a former ARMY is now a STAY — a.k.a. a Stray Kids fan.

Popular YouTube account PIXID posted the video as part of their "imposter" series, which features real celebrities and idols infiltrating a group of fans, who have to determine which of them is the imposter.

The video features Jimin and four fans secretly communicating via chat as the fans attempt to deduce who the imposter is, not knowing it's Jimin.

When the truth is finally revealed, one fan gets overwhelmed, telling the "Like Crazy" singer that he was her "first concert."

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Elsewhere during their chat, though, she expresses her love for Felix from boy group Stray Kids, prompting Jimin to joke about stealing her back from the Stay Kids fandom.

"Where have you gone now? What are you up to?" Jimin jokingly asks, adding, "We have to take her back."

"Yongbok-nim, I'm not taking her from you. She left home, so I'm just taking her back for a bit. Please be understanding," Jimin says to the camera, using Felix's Korean name.

Watch the full "imposter" video, below:

Earlier in the video, when the fan was discussing Stray Kids in the chat, Jimin did some of the group's "Maniac" choreography, proving that he is a fan of them, just as many of their members are fans of BTS.

Stray Kids leader Bang Chan even reacted to the video, expressing his excitement over Jimin doing their choreography and his admiration for the BTS icon.

With a gasp, he said, "I saw that! Jimin did the 'Maniac' dance. I'm so amazed. He even called Felix 'Yongbok.' That's so cool. I wanna get recognized too!" Bang Chan said after covering his mouth in shock.

"It was amazing. Beside him is a Stay [Stray Kids fan] too! I have big respect [for him]. It's amazing that he knows us. It was an honor that he recognized us. Did not realize that that would happen. They're like, ethereal, you know what I mean? Very, very grateful," he continued.

Bang Chan also complimented Jimin's recently released solo album, FACE.

The album came out on March 24 and became an immediate hit, racking up millions of views for its accompanying music video and selling over 1 million copies on its first day, according to the Korean Hanteo Chart.

The album is also expected to debut on the Billboard 200 chart.

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