A Christian school student says they were banned from their senior prom because they wore a pantsuit instead of a dress.

B. Hayes, who uses they/he pronouns and attends Nashville Christian School in Tennessee, says they faced discrimination for their gender identity when they were turned away from prom after breaking the school's supposed dress code by not wearing a dress to the milestone event.

The 18-year-old student shared their frustrating story, as well as a photo of their outfit, on Instagram.

The photo shows Hayes standing in front of their school's prom venue while wearing a classy black pantsuit and holding a sign that reads: "They wouldn't let me in because I am wearing a suit."

"I should not have to conform to femininity to attend my senior prom. I will not compromise who I am to fit in a box. Who are you to tell us what it means to be a woman?" Hayes wrote.

The student's story gained attention on social media, with many expressing outrage and support for their right to express themselves. Many also pointed out that prom should be a celebration for all students, regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Their photo also went viral on Reddit, where users supported the student and slammed the school for trying to make them conform to an arbitrary gender standard.

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"I was in a Christian school for first grade in Florida. Just before Halloween, a teacher asked us all if we were going trick or treating. We all said yes, and she started crying and yelling at us that it is devil idolatry. Even as young as I was, that memory is burned into my mind," one Reddit user shared.

"This happened to a friend of mine when I was in high school several, several, several years ago, also in Tennessee. But in a public non-religious affiliated school. It was a mess. She just didn't feel comfortable in dresses," another wrote.

"Somebody better tell all our female political leaders that women can't wear suits," someone else quipped.

"Sometimes, girls and women just don't feel comfortable in dresses. And that's simply okay. I got married in an off-the-shoulder all-white jumpsuit. It made me feel beautiful and comfortable. I did not want to wear a dress. I am straight, and just because a woman wants to wear a suit, jumpsuit, etc., doesn't mean they should be labeled or judged. Just wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful!" another user commented.

A GoFundMe fundraiser to "throw the ultimate prom" for Hayes and 25 of their friends has raised over $37,000 as of publishing.

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