John Wick’s first spinoff movie is still months away, but Lionsgate is already working on a second — this one about Donnie Yen’s blind assassin character from John Wick: Chapter 4.

Yen appeared in the film as Caine, a former hit man for the High Table, who accepts a job hunting down Keanu Reeves’ John Wick. Without spoiling too much about the film, the movie ended on a cliffhanger involving Caine and his family — one that could be picked up in this project.

Yen is set to reprise his role as Caine in the film, which will be shot in Hong Kong next year.


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Here was Yen’s statement on the news of the new spinoff:

Working on John Wick: Chapter 4 was an extraordinary experience. The reason these films resonate so deeply is because, like myself, Chad, Basil and Erica push themselves to create action, fights and stunts that are not only thrilling, inventive and artistic, but also expressive of character, story and emotion. Caine is an incredible character with a haunted past, and I am excited to return to the role.

The film doesn’t have a director yet but the script is being written by Robert Askins.

The next film in the John Wick saga is the spinoff Ballerina, following a ballerina/assassin first teased during John Wick: Chapter 3. Ana de Armas plays the title character, with Keanu Reeves set to reprise his role as John Wick (although how large his role is remains to be seen). That film, directed by Len Wiseman, has been discussed for at  least five years and significantly delayed during post-production. (It was originally shot in late 2022.) Initially slated for release next month, it’s now due in theaters on June 6, 2025.

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