Many people dream about building an office onto their home so they have a separate space to work out of without having to drive miles to an office building. One Illinois genius took that a step further and built a tiny home office and parked it in his backyard and he's shared pictures to prove it.

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I found this neat teeny tiny space near Elgin, Illinois. Based on Tiny House Listings, the entire space is only 120 square feet. It's 12 feet high and 10 feet wide and contains way more inside than you'd think possible.

A Genius in Illinois Made a Tiny Home Office in His Backyard

The guy in Elgin who built it appears to be making it available now for the low low price of $24,500 as of this writing. When you factor in the building costs and materials for adding a room onto an existing house or trying to build something like this from scratch, it sounds like a pretty decent deal to me. Office, man cave...the skies the limit with a space like this and what you could do with it.

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