I demand a recount. Did you know that Missouri just got dinged for having the least desirable accent in the known universe? It's true although I'll admit saying "universe" might be a little bit of an exaggeration.

If you weren't aware, Missouri does have an accent. It's known as "American Midwestern", but that's just another way of saying "Redneck".

Forgive me that I can't recall the person or site that just shared this new spreadsheet which lists the most attractive accents in America. What's even worse than coming in last, Missouri? Not being mentioned AT ALL. 

I decided to seek some second and third opinions and (spoiler alert), it didn't end well for my quest to justify my Missouri accent as "sexy". Highland Titles shared a "favorite global accents" and they also mentioned American Midwesterner as being one of the least desirable accents.

A conversation on Reddit doesn't include many compliments for my Missouri peeps either. I even went so far as to look down under for an Australian view of attractive accents from Travel Nine and it doesn't appear that Crocodile Dundee likes us either.

I could just live in denial and claim the rest of the world doesn't know what they're missing with us attractive-talking Missourians, but perhaps I should just embrace the truth. We don't speak pretty round here, but we do appreciate good fireworks when we find it.

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