If you don't like LED lightbulbs, you're not going to be thrilled in a few months.

The country's Energy Department has decided to move forward with a ban on incandescent lightbulbs, according to NewsNation.


After the ban goes into place, you'll only be able to buy LED lights. The warnings for the ban started back in January as the push towards energy efficiency continues. The Department of Energy says that LED lights use 75% less energy than incandescent lights. We know that LED lights are traditionally a few dollars more expensive than incandescent ones but the argument is that LED bulbs would actually save money in the long run because they use less energy.

When All Of This Will Kick Into Effect

NewsNation reports that starting in July, the ban will be going into full enforcement and it will be illegal to manufacture or sell incandescent bulbs (which, for manufacturers, could be a penalty of $542 if they violate the ban). Starting in August, you won't be able to find those lightbulbs on store shelves at all. They'll all be LED.

Also to be banned are halogen lights and compact fluorescent lights because of their mercury content.

It's important to note that the Department of Energy isn't about to totally ban all incandescent bulbs, just the ones that we most commonly use in our houses that use a bunch of energy. There's still some time now before August so you have time to stock up on incandescent lightbulbs if you need to.

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