The Mississippi River is back on it's favorite pastime.

Corn is supposed to be knee-high by the 4th of July, not the Mississippi River. But rain from up north (Minnesota and Wisconsin) is making the river rise in the Quad Cities.

So much so that the City of Davenport is taking action. Our friends at KWQC report that the city has activated it's flood plan.

How Bad Is It Going To Get?

Not 2019, guys. It's expected to crest at 18.5 ft on the 4th of July. That's major flood stage. The city will start putting up temporary flood barriers down River Drive this week.

At that level, Davenport's LeClaire park is mostly underwater, which is why Red, White, & Boom has been postponed.

At the level of 18.5 ft, water is around Modern Woodmen Park, Credit Island, and River Drive. It's really just enough water to totally sour 4th of July festivities in downtown QC.

Road Closures To Know

Be Prepared Davenport is the best place to go for river level-related updates.

  •  S Concord will be closed between River Dr and Utah. (if you need to get to the compost facility, use Rockingham/Hwy 22 to Wapello to Railroad St.)
  •  River Dr (West) at Division to about Gaines
  • River Dr (East) between Brady and 3rd St beginning on Wednesday, June 26.
  • Credit Island, Riverfront Recreational Walk and Trail, and River Walk along Marquette, Centennial, and LeClaire Parks will be covered in water.

There may be more closures over the next week as the river rises. You can keep up with the current level of the Mississippi River at Rock Island at NOAA's website. Davenport will post detours and more closures if they're needed on the city's website.

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