A traffic stop this past Monday in Wisconsin, led to 3lbs of cocaine and more! WeAreGreenBay

Two Wisconsin fellas were traveling with 3lbs of booger sugar and a bunch of drug paraphernalia. The traffic stop which took place at I-41 near STH 23, had the officer requesting a K-9 unit. The Wisconsin State Trooper had a four-legged friend show up, and it was on! The officer had reason to believe that this vehicle contained illegal drugs, and K-9 "Rip" went to work.

iStockphoto, Getty Images

Recovered was a 1.2-kilogram brick of cocaine, 3 grams of fentanyl, and an undisclosed amount of cash.

The driver of the car was currently out on bond through Washington County, Wi and had a bunch of previous charges against him including prior drug convictions, multiple OWI offenses, and possession of cocaine. Dang, man.

Zxc, Wikimedia Commons
Zxc, Wikimedia Commons

The passenger in the vehicle was a trouble maker too with a criminal history which includes drugs and firearm-related charges on his record. He was actually wanted and had an active warrant out for his arrest.


They call what the K-9 officer did, an "open-air sniff" the dog walks around the vehicle smelling until it hits on the drugs, and then gives the two-legged officer some sort of alert that there are drugs. 3lbs of cocaine and some fentanyl later...Who's a good boy!?! It's time for that dog's favorite play toy and maybe a snack...Three hots and a cot for the other guys.


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