Illinois isn't well known for its boat tours but there's one in the Windy City that is considered the best in the United States.

Top Boat Tour In Illinois Is The Best In The United States

Illinois, especially Chicago is known for a lot of things. I'm talking about food, sports, music, and comedy to just name a few. I would've never thought about boating being on that list. Maybe, it's because for half the year you can't do it.

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Don't get me wrong. There are many lakes and rivers throughout the state to have an amazing time on the water. Especially, when you include Lake Michigan and the Mississippi River. I just never thought of it being a destination for boating.

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Apparently, boat tours in the city of Chicago are a hidden gem in Illinois. I remember going as a kid and having a good time but it's been a long time since I've been on one. You can take a cruise on the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

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One of the most popular and famous boat rides in Illinois and the Windy City is the Chicago Architecture Center River Cruise. It's a very interesting educational tour. You're guaranteed to learn something new. It's hosted by Chicago's First Lady Cruises.

There are a few different options for that boat tour. You can do the family thing during the day. If you enjoy tipping a few back, the company also offers cocktail tours at night. Either way, you'll have an enjoyable time.

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