In the latest poll for best places to live, the former winner (from Wisconsin) took a big hit with their ranking and even dropped out of the top ten.

Best Place To Live In U.S. HINT: It's No Longer In Wisconsin

It's funny when I see lists like this one—ranking random cities for strange reasons. I don't think it's fair to judge city to city. Each place is so different and has its own unique situation. It's like comparing apples to oranges. It just doesn't work.

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This latest list features the best places to live. Well, nowhere is perfect. Even cities in Paradise locations have issues. The ranking was determined by crime rates, quality of education, air quality, and value. I believe food should count too. Maybe even sports teams.

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Last year, Green Bay took the top spot despite being the home of the Packers. I'll admit, I've been up there a couple of times and had good experiences. Even for Bear games. The people are nice and they really know how to have a good time.

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I wasn't shocked to see it at number one last year. I'm very surprised that it dropped all the way down to twelve. That's gotta hurt a little bit. Naples, Florida is now number one. I can definitely agree with that because of one word. That's beach.

Madison checked in at number fourteen. That's a nice town. Illinois doesn't make an appearance until eighty-two with Peoria. That's an interesting pick. I've never thought of P-Town in that way.

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In a surprise twist ending, checking in at number one-hundred-five is Rockford. Congrats to Rock Vegas, we are on the rise. I feel good about my town.

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