If your family is down for some major fun in the Wisconsin sun this summer, I found 3 lakeside resorts you definitely need to check out.

Summer in Wisconsin

When it comes to summer getaways, I am a BIG fan of going to Wisconsin, and I'm sure many other Illinois families are too. Here are three of the biggest reasons I love going to Wisconsin so much;

  1. You don't have to travel far to have a quality family vacation.
  2. Eating cheese and drinking beer are 2 of my favorite pass times, and Wisconsinites excel at both of those things.
  3. There are SOO many great lakes and cabins to choose from and enjoy.

The lake truly is my happy place, and I am blessed to have a family cabin in Wisconsin that I can go to whenever I have some free time, but sometimes it's fun to switch things up a bit and go on a new adventure.

Best Wisconsin Lake Rentals

If your vision of the perfect family vacation this summer involves waking up with views of the water, spending lazy days floating in a lake, drowning some worms on a pole, or going on some outdoor adventures, I think I found some lake resorts in Wisconsin that are perfect for you!

When you're on a mission to find a great cabin or lake house to rent in Wisconsin, Airbnb is where most people start. If a resort that provides more entertainment options the whole family will love is more what you're leaning towards, Travel Wisconsin has an article about some of the best lake resort rentals the state has to offer. Here are three that really stuck out to me:

1.  Boondoggle Resort in Chetek, Wisconsin

Firstly, the name Boondoggle sounds incredibly fun, and it's an updated 50s-style resort complete with pontoon and/or boat slip rentals right on the water. This resort has 5 different cabin options to choose from, OR you could just rent out the entire resort for your whole family and friends.

2.  A Lot Of Lakes Resort in Three Lakes, Wisconsin


This resort features 5 different modern-log cabins for rent with gorgeous views of the water. The resort also features pontoon rentals, a playground for the kids, several hiking trails, and some great fishing opportunities.

3. Deerfoot Lodge and Resort in Hayward, Wisconsin

Deerfoot Lodge & Resort via Facebook
Deerfoot Lodge & Resort via Facebook

I remember spending many great summer vacations in Hayward as a kid, and this resort is sure to deliver the same for your family. Cabin and hotel rentals are available at this resort and the grounds also feature sandy beaches, a playground, fire pits, lakeside fuel and bait shop, fishing, boat, and slip rentals, a bar, and more!

Where will you go on your next Wisconsin vacation? Here are some more great options to consider too...

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