Are 80s Cabbage Patch Kids returning to haunt Wisconsin? A Facebook listing in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin is sure trying to make it seem that way.

Remember Cabbage Patch Dolls From the 1980s?

Remember Cabbage Patch Kid dolls that every young kid went nuts for back in the 80s?

You know, the ones with the yarn hair, cloth bodies, and plastic heads that sported a weird, permanent grimace? (Don't even get me started on the Cabbage Patch Kids that had teeth!) Well, I remember them too...quite fondly.

As a young kid during the 1980s I had several Cabbage Patch Dolls. I had one of the original size dolls, I had a preemie, I had (actually, still have), a Cabbage Patch horse, and I also had some weird looking cat thing that I think was called a Cabbage Patch Kritter.

My first (and favorite) Cabbage Patch doll  looked a lot like this, and I still remember the name on her adoption papers; Mauda Laudy...

aevancho via Ebay
aevancho via Ebay

Seeing Mauda Laudy again through adult eyes, I have realized some very important things;

  1. A doll with yarn hair is quite ridiculous. The best part about having a doll is brushing and styling its hair which is not nearly as fun when it is made of yarn.
  2. Mauda Laudy is a horrible name.
  3. I don't actually know what happened to poor Mauda. Is she moldy in a box in my parent's basement?
  4. If I gave my daughters a doll that look like this today, they would be TERRIFIED.

How Much Are Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls Worth?

If you've been holding onto your beloved Cabbage Patch Kid since the 1980s, it might be worth some big money if you sell it!

There are several for sale on ebay right now with prices ranging from $10 to more than $500, and you can make even more than that if your Cabbage Patch is unused and still in the box.

While I don't think there's a market for a moldy Mauda Laudy out there, there might be one for a HAUNTED Mauda Laudy, or at least two of her friends.

Haunted Cabbage Patch Dolls For Sale In Wisconsin

First off, I need to thank a post in the Strange Wisconsin Facebook group for alerting me to the existence of a bizzare listing on Facebook Marketplace in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace

These two Cabbage Patch Kids look well-loved and 100 percent original, and right now you could buy them both for just $20!

Why are they so cheap you ask? Because they are "haunted".

The seller does not say what these two old dolls have done to terrify her, nor does she include any specific haunting incidents in the listing, BUT she does say they are a "bonded pair" that "must go together".

Do you believe these two dolls are possessed, OR, do you think they seller is just trying to jump on the "haunted" bandwagon to score a few extra bucks?

I'm willing to bet on the second version.

33 Allegedly Haunted Dolls on eBay Listed by Illinois Sellers

Gallery Credit: eBay

Ummm, can anyone explain why these toys are tethered to an abandoned motel south of Rockford???

Gallery Credit: Danny Willams via Facebook

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