On Monday, April 4, the Milwaukee Brewers hosted their 2023 home opener at American Family Field, but let's just say, it did not go off without a hitch.

Flyover Gone Bad

If you follow sports, I'm sure you've seen, or at least heard, about the epic fail that happened at the Milwaukee Brewers Home Opener on Monday. Just in case you haven't, here's the viral video...


@yahoosports For the tailgaters obviously #MLB#Brewers#Milwaukee#baseball♬ original sound - Jazzy Fizzle
Obviously, we all make mistakes, BUT, home openers always take place in the spring, AND it usually rains a lot in spring, right?
Wouldn't you think the Brewers organization would realize that chances are pretty good they will have to close the stadium's roof for the home opener game, and that scheduling a flyover of the stadium might not be a good idea? 
Well, the flyover did happen, the roof was closed, and now the entire sports world is laughing at the Brewers' unfortunate mistake. 


Best Reactions to Milwaukee Brewers Botched Flyover

Whenever someone makes a public mistake these days, the social media world is always there to make us feel worse about it, and this botched flyover is no different. Here are some of the best reaction tweets I've seen so far this morning LOL...  

Some Brewers fans did step up in defense of their team to remind people that plenty of tailgaters were able to see the flyover, and maybe that was the point of it...

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