When a restaurant makes food this good, you can't help but be obsessed.

How else could you describe Illinois' love affair with this restaurant?

It's the kind of thing that would cause an entire city to stop what they're doing when the news that this iconic place announces they plan on breaking ground on a local restaurant.

I say that because I saw it happen firsthand in Rockford, and they have been busy since the day this place opened its doors.

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It might be the food, the location, or just some food magic, but I think it's because the place is just plain good at what they do.

Whether it be the ordering process, the friendliness of the staff, or the deliciousness of everything on the menu, Illinois residents are allowed to be obsessed with Portillo's.


Cheapism says Portillo's amazing Italian Beef Sandwiches are why we love the restaurant so much. They also have "some great salads and Maxwell Street Polish sausages."

The article later mentions Portillo's chocolate cake shakes as another reason we are so obsessed.

Despite the popularity throughout Illinois, there are only 32 locations. Comparatively speaking, there are 650 different McDonald's in The Land of Lincoln.

Even more surprising, there are more Portillo's outside of the Illinois state lines (38) than in.

That said, more locations won't dampen my Portillo obsession, and I don't believe I will do the same to you.

Tell us, what's your go-to Portillo's order?

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