An Illinois woman is warning residents about a weird experience she had with a man going door to door in her neighborhood "selling" solar panels.

Don't Knock On My Door

Here's one thing about me; if I don't know you or already know that you are coming to my house, (even if I do know you), there's a dang good chance I will NOT be answering my door when you ring the bell.

Do I do this because I hate solicitors? Heck Yes!

Do I do this to avoid uncomfortable small talk with neighbors I don't really know? Guilty as charged.

Do I do this to avoid weird and possibly dangerous encounters with strangers? ABSOLUTELY!

For all these reasons and more, I have to share with you a warning from one Rockford woman that I saw on my Nextdoor app...just in case this person comes to your door soon.

Rockford Residents Warned About Shady Solar Salesman

Solar energy may be all the rage these days, and this "salesman" could legitimately be trying to save you money on energy bills, but honestly, there are just too many red flags.

Here's a screenshot of the post I saw...

Nextdoor app
Nextdoor app


The above photo was obviously captured by someone's Ring doorbell, and I will even admit that I thought the poster might be airing too far on the side of caution...until I saw this re-share...

Nextdoor App
Nextdoor App

Now does this behavior seem sketchy? I sure think so! What reason does a solar salesman have for feeling above someone's door? None that I can think of.

How to Spot a Scam Solicitor

If someone comes knocking on your door and you don't see any clear identification of their name and the company they work for...DON'T ENGAGE. If for some reason you do open your door to talk to them, make sure you ask a lot of questions about their business and their identification, and NEVER pay for anything in cash while they are there!

For more ways to spot a bogus solicitor, check out this article about How to Spot Door-to-Door Scammers.

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