If you thought Costco was the most boring place on Earth, John Legend is ready to change your mind.

The swoon-worthy crooner appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to promote his new tour, but while John Legend was there, he belted out a few non-traditional tunes. Knowing full well that John Legend can turn any phrase into one that is capable of setting the mood, Colbert had the La La Land star make some everyday requests as sexy as humanly possible.

You'll never look at your beige turtleneck the same, we promise.

Over on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, John Oliver dished on what it was like to meet the Dalai Lama. The Last Week Tonight host famously interviewed the Dalai Lama a few weeks ago, and revealed the offbeat sense of humor the spiritual leader showed off when the meeting took place.

Some people will receive total consciousness, but not everyone will get tickled by the Lama himself.

While promoting Into the Badlands, Nick Frost stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers. The two chatted a bit about Frost's work with Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, which turned the conversation to Frost's upcoming turn in Fighting With My Family. Produced by The Rock, Fighting With My Family is based on the real life wrestling family of WWE superstar Paige, and Frost will play the patriarch.

While fooling around with Pegg performing wrestling moves in the bedroom, Frost powerbombed Pegg through his bed. While the breaking of the bed was bad, everyone coming to help fix the bed was worse when they spied what Frost kept under the mattress.

The Late Late Show with James Corden had a bit of a laid back night, but "Professor" Kal Penn managed to prove he was nothing like his stoner character in the classroom. Penn has had two different teaching jobs over the years, with one politics class UCLA and the other, a film class, at University of Penn (no relation).

The 250-student large film class at UPenn thought they were in for an easy "A," but Kal had no chill when it came to students expecting him to grade on a Harold and Kumar curve.

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