Gov. JB Pritzker’s stay-at-home order, doesn't mean a thing to the Kane County Sheriff's office.

From KaneCounty Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain spoke out Thursday morning, about  Gov. Pritzker's thank you.


It is clear that deputies do not have immunity if they attempt to enforce the orders, and there is no legislated law that applies to the violation of the orders, therefore, sheriff’s deputies will not be taking enforcement action against any one person or entity for order violations, without the issuance of a judicial order. - Kan County Sheriff Ron Hain 


The sheriff went on to say that his community is anxious to return to normal routines. His office will continue to do things in a safe fashion, but staying at home besause Mr. Pritzker says so, not happening.

The sheriff asked businesses to do proper research and open in a way that doesn't but customers at risk...but, yes....OPEN.



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