If you're a fan of Kevin Smith and his "ViewAskew Universe", you know all about Mooby's.

If you're a little confused, might I suggest spending the weekend getting acclimated with Smith's classic flicks.

For me, those would include the original Clerks, Mallrats, and of course, Clerks 2.

Of the three, Clerks 2 is probably one of the most overlooked gems during Smith's career.

If you loved Clerks 2, you're going to love the Mooby's pop-up restaurant coming to Chicago this month.

Mooby's will be put together by the same team that was behind the Saved By The Bell pop-up, Saved By The Max. By all accounts, everyone loved that one, and I have a feeling Clerks fans will enjoy this just as much.

Just like the iterations launched in Los Angeles and New Jersey, the Midwest outpost will serve a menu of items inspired by Smith's films, including Cow Tipper burgers, C**ksmoker chicken sandwiches, Hater Totz tater tots, and Onion Rings To Rule Them All.

Apparently, you better bring your wallet too. A burger and a side could you run you upwards of $30.

The Mooby's pop-up restaurant will go up in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago.

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